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Why playing video poker

Why playing video poker online?

In today’s casinos and online casinos, the game selection does not stop from increasing with plenty of gambling games to choose from, old and new. Roulette for example is a very old game believed to have originated in seventeenth century France (roulette means little wheel in French), while Badugi Poker is a game that only appeared in American casinos in recent years.

So with so much choice, why do many smart casino players prefer playing video poker? Of course there are plenty of reasons and it can be a matter of preference related to each player. But there are two good reasons to play online video poker compared to other games according to Phil Ivey, a top poker pro.

The main benefit is that the house edge is very low at video poker, so low that it is even possible sometimes to find machines with a payout percentage surpassing 100%, an ideal situation for any gambler.

Obviously video poker machines with such an amazingly positive expected value for the players are far and between, but they exist. Also unlike any other game, you can see the payout and house edge for each video poker machine. Let’s first review the house edge for other casino games.

The house edge for European Roulette is 2.70%, 5.26% for American Roulette. Keno is very unfavorable with over 25% house edge. Blackjack has a low house edge around 0.50 to 1% depending on the casino rules, while Baccarat is slightly over 1% and slots range from 1% to 25%.

With respect to video poker, Jacks or Better is the standard game variation with a low house edge of only 0.46%. No other game has a lower house edge except Blackjack played from a single deck using Las Vegas rules, but nowadays casinos rarely offer such a game. But wait, that’s not all. Here is a list of video poker games with a negative house edge.

Full Pay Double Double Bonus has a -0.06% house edge, Full Pay Double Bonus a -0.17% house edge, Full Pay Jokers Wild (Kings or Better) a -0.64% house edge and finally Full Pay Deuces Wild a -0.76% house. These are the machines you should seek if you want to put all chances on your side while playing video poker.

This is the advantage of video poker that if you pick a specific machine, you will know exactly the house edge, as all machines are built the same way and run like clockwork. This is not so of slot machines. Also unlike slots, video poker is a skill game requiring to apply a strategy, which makes it more interesting.

Overall, video poker is a game with a lot of fun and it is not costly to play it given the great odds offered to the players. So if you have yet done so, give it a shot.

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