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2011 WSOP Winner Pius Heinz

A few months ago, Pius Heinz was just your regular poker player. In fact, he was even unsure if it was really the right career path for him as he had lost thousands of dollars this year just before he joined the tournament in May. He had planned on going back to college to continue his studies in business psychology if things didn’t work out for him poker-wise.

Pius’ original interest in poker stemmed from watching High Stakes Poker and World Series of Poker on television. He and his friends decided at the time to give it a try and after a couple of weekends playing for petty cash, he realized that it is not about luck but about skill – a skill that can be developed.

He then started playing poker online and it was there that he discovered the sheer number of poker information readily available. He read all that he could and developed his skill and style. It was at online poker rooms where he gained the expertise and the experience needed for him to succeed professionally in poker. As his online tournament winnings exceeded $ 700,000, he made the decision of trying out for the World Series of Poker. He first ranked 7th place in one event and cashed in more than $83,000 in WSOP’s No Limit Hold ’em, the first live tournament he ever participated in.

For the Main Event, he came in on the first day of the competition. The reason for playing so early in the event was that he wanted to go home as soon as he could if he didn’t make it. At the beginning of the game, Pius Heinz proved that he has got what it takes when his gut instincts proved him right.

For 8 days straight, he slowly amassed his chips staring with only 89,550 to 16,425,000 at the end of Day 8. The final table lasted for two days and the fight between the last two men standing lasted around 6 hours. On November 9, he was finally awarded the coveted World Series of Poker bracelet together with the pot money of $ 8,715,638.

He is officially the first player from Germany to ever win in the WSOP Main Event. At 22 years old, he still has a lot to go but for now, he has already been cemented and immortalized in poker history as the reigning poker champion in the world—at least for this year.

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