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Pokerstars rakeback

One question that is often seen on poker forums is if pokerstars offer a rakeback program. Is there such a thing as pokerstars rakeback?

And it is not always obvious to find the answer to that question if you do not know where to look. As the Internet can be at time contradicting and by searching on google or bing for example, you may get conflicting answers or even reach pages that do not event attempt to answer the question. Yes search engines are not perfect, far from it.

Bit thank God you can find the answer here: Pokerstars does not offer any form of rakeback and they are en fact completely against any form of rakeback. If they catch an affiliate offering some form of rakeback by sharing his commissions for example, they will close his account. We are not sure why they are so stringent about rakeback, but one theory is that this is related to how they are regulated by the Isle of Man and rakeback might be considered to be forbidden by the regulators.

Fortunately you do not really need pokerstars rakeback because pokerstars offer their own VIP program that acts as a de facto rakeback systems as players get rewarded with gift or cash prizes. This is based on six tiers starting from the Bronze level all the way to Supernova and Supernova Elite, the ultimate VIP status. So this is like an equivalent rakeback system. For the lower tiers the rakeback percent is around 10% but for the higher tiers it can reach 50% or even more.

In fact if you are a super active online poker player, then the best deal on earth is probably to try to reach SuperNova Elite, as this is usually believed to equate a 60% rakeback if not more. Just attaining that level is worth over $100k if you include all various rewards along the way such as milestones bonuses, regular bonuses, VIP freerolls and live tournament entries.

In short the VIP program at rakeback is geared toward low to mid stake active players and no room on the Internet matches the level of benefits you get if you can achieve the top tier. many try, few succeed.

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