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Poker characters

While sitting around a poker table no matter if it’s a friendly game at a acquaintance’s house, a Texas Hold’em tournament in a casino, or just a table at any old online gambling website there are always the same characters sitting at the table. Those of you who are frequent poker players know what this means.

Characterizing a player is somewhat important because most “characters” play alike. If you beat them once you can win them again. While joining a table of players you have never met before it is helpful to get a quick three or four hand read on who and what kind of characters there are. 3 – 4 hands is enough to pick on the “tells” the players unknowingly give away while playing.

Some of the characters you will meet are for example the sunglasses or cap wearing “pro’s” or advanced players, tight and conservative players, the long- pause thinkers, aggressive and loose players who are regularly loud and rude.

The long- pause thinkers, the women who play poker are “characters” and believe it or not, but most women who play poker should not be underestimated and don’t let their acting fool you. An inexperienced looser is characterized by thinking he is always getting bluffed so try not to bluff them because they will call you with a pair. Not trying to discriminate but ethnicity also plays a part on characterizing.

Be warned, don’t mess with the cocky on-a-roll players. When winning a big hand after hand, you should fold until they loose the wind from beneath their wings because luck sometimes comes in consecutive hands. Pre-flop raisers are most annoying but relax they mostly just try to steal the pot and there is always a pre-flop raiser at the poker table. Try to accept them with open hands because they are the players that make the pot interesting. The rare pre-flop raisers have a high pair or high suit cards. Most characterizing is done by looking at a player’s body language, speech patters and betting/ chip handling manners.

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