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my online poker beginnings

Recently I was just thinking of when I started to play online poker a while back. It seems an eternity has passed already since that time.

The first contact with online poker was a shock to me. The possibility of earning money while having fun and most importantly at home, had never crossed my mind before.

A whole new world opened to me, but probably not as easy as I had imagined at first sight. Here is a quick summary of my journey that will better define me. And if you can get some advice from this story, then even better.

Like many other beginners, I spent countless hours watching poker on the television like WPT replays, listening to the advice of Mike Sexton and other pros chatting or getting interviewed. The sums of money involved made me almost faint, and like many gamers, I wanted to be part of this money machine.

Unfortunately for me, the transition from the micro-limits at Party Poker to the EPT London did not happen overnight. The learning was painful, costly, in loneliness and by tiny incremental steps.

Poker is no exception to the rule, like any art, mastery comes with experience, and a lot of it for the ones who understand the meaning of the word mastery. If I had to give a few words of advice to a beginner, it would be: progress step by step, bankroll management is the cornerstone of your development and survival as a poker player, never play above your means and always be patient.

Never try to rebuild your bankroll at a higher limit, while slightly on tilt to add to your troubles. This is not the way for solid poker because you can catch up your losses half the time, and use your credit card the other times. Take it from someone who has lived this experience many times, you will feel really miserable when you lose everything. Because it puts you in the face of reality: mathematically, you’re a fish!

Nothing is more important than the love of the game of poker. If you do not love poker, you cannot stand the variance and the downswings. You must put aside the amount of money involved, and only consider your bankroll as a tool that reflect your skill as a poker player.

Be the master of bankroll management and you will have the foundation for building up your skills.

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