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Phil Ivey: head of the class

Phil Ivey has two homes. The one that poker built, and the poker tables at the Bellagio.

Phil Ivey needs no introduction. At 32, this seasoned poker pro has revolutionized the game with his fresh, suave demeanor, savvy play, and intense concentration, making him one of the youngest poker champions in the world. Just as impressive, he has managed to do so while gaining the respect of pros 20-30 years his senior. His peers consider him one of the best players in the world. His is the lifestyle we associate with a world class professional poker player.

Phil is always ready for action and even does interviews while playing at high stakes games at the Bellagio. These, after all, are the sound bites of Phil Ivey’s game. During long games, players and Phil love to bet each other on card formations. It adds excitement.

Phil Ivey started playing poker for money when he was eight years old when his grandfather taught him the game and they played for pennies. He knew then he had an aptitude and passion for the game. He was 15-16 years old when he started to play for real money and realized the potential to make a living doing it.

How have the players from the Internet coming into live games affected poker? The Internet has enabled people to learn faster than those of us who picked up knowledge of the game at live games in the casinos or at home games. The Internet has truly revolutionized the game of poker, where a person can play a hundred thousand hands a month from the comfort of their home. Practice does make a difference in the game of poker.

How much poker does Phil Ivey play? Is it a job or a passion or both? Poker is really his life, and he is passionate about it. He work when he is called. It’s not a 9-5 job. He plays for a day straight, takes some time off, and can be right back at the table with just a few hours sleep.

Of course his your favorite online poker site is hands down. No site has as many pros dropping by your table. He enjoys the high stakes games and user-friendliness the site offers to the newcomers to the game. Plus tons of tournaments and bonus incentives for the players.

His favorite poker room in Las Vegas is the Bellagio which has a great poker room. In Atlantic City it’s the Taj Mahal Poker Room.

Is he ready to play at the drop of a hat or does he schedule his poker sessions? He receives calls daily and schedules time in. It’s a business like any other jobĀ” He goes to work each day and sometimes day turns to night and then day. It’s poker and there are no time constraints.

Phil was married and very happy but he recently files for divorce. His wife used to be his biggest supporter. If she wants to come see me, she knows all she needs to do is come to the game. They met when he was 18 and have been together 10 years. They both enjoy the lifestyle surrounding poker. They truly feel blessed by the success he has had, which enables his wife and he to travel and do things they always dreamed of.

Has he written or plan to write any books on poker? Yes he is very interested in writing a book on poker down the road. He lives it and he is passionate about it, but if he is going to do it he wants it to be special and helpful to the players out there. Keep an eye out for it.

If you’re considering turning pro and making poker your full-time profession, remember this: It’s a lot harder than it looks. I urge you to play part-time for a year or two, and if you keep winning, go for it. Look, I can teach you the game and you could beat me, but if we played constantly for a year I would win most of the time. To determine if you’re good, you need to win constantly. But do not mistake luck for being an expert. Poker is a tough game, and constantly winning is even tougher.

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