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Aviation club of France

This is a quick summary of my visit to France and to the most famous poker club in Paris, the Aviation Club of Paris.

It was about 6PM and I went to the 104 Avenue des Champs Elysées, the address that all French poker players and many international poker players know, as this is the ACF, in other words the Aviation Club of French. Even though the name is reminiscent of planes, this is indeed the Mecca of French poker, the meeting place for all poker enthusiasts from all over France.

The bad memories of my last session are far away and I know very well that poker is made of ups and downs. My first surprise in this place is the floor manager who smiles when I showed him my ID card, seemingly saying: “no need for that, we are among gentlemen here!”.

Now I am in the poker room and as expected the tables are full and the waiting list as well. I have some time, so I walk around the side of the 100NL table where I watch a real battle between a gang of maniacs! Each flop costs at least 30€ (7.5 BB) and everyone plays a loose aggressive style. A maniac forces AK to fold on a flop A39 with a reraise for 100€ with T9o. Welcome to the ACF.

Here come the hour of the tournament, this night it is a 30€ with rebuy the first hour and one add on after one hour, starting with 50 big blinds. I begin the first round at a table with 2 beginners and some good players. I see some beautiful hands and my stack goes up to about 70BB at the end of the first step. Then the beautiful hands are becoming rarer.

Later my table breaks quite quickly. I do a quick look and I recognize three good players on the aggressive side. I decide to wait and observe my new table first. Then came my rush as patience paid. I see some good cards and my stack began to fatten a bit.

The other players respected me, I was confident in myself and I managed to eliminate as many as 5 players, 2 on a shove with KQ of clubs on a flop JT3 with two clubs where I touched my flush on the river!

I was now in the top 5 for the tournament, the steps went by and we reached the semi final 2 tables of 9 players. But only the final 9 get paid. To balance my game I decided to tighten my game until the end. At one point I threw my pair of queen against the raise of a tight rock and he showed me KK, good fold.

The guy looked at me questioningly and I spelt it with a big smile. We were finally to 9 for the final table I was the 5th in chips. The game narrowed a bit and I continued to touch good cards, also stealing some blinds. In particular those of a pleasant lady who was folding without hesitation to any raise. My fatal error was to bet aggressively 33 from the small blind with a flop J48. I bet it, get called. The turn a blank. The river was an A and I open-bet it without hesitation. He thought for at least 3 minutes, called and showed QQ, devastating my stack.

I then found myself very short stacked and of course my opponents made use of cooperation and here I am out in 4th place. A little disappointed because I thought I could the final two in that tournament, but happy with my performance for my first Limit Hold’em tournament and a prize of 525 € to cheer me.

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