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Texas Holdem Tournament

Referring to the latest Texas Holdem tournaments, we conclude that there is a certain list of common skills to win, common mistakes to avoid and common strategies to follow.

Multitudes of sites contain articles on Texas hold’em tournament rules, strategies, and tips, so you should read a hundred and one articles in order to prepare to play at the tournament. Beginning my career as a gambler, I faced the same trouble too. But after winning a great amount of money, I have decided to facilitate the way for novice gamblers.

The following tips are given according to games I have experienced and mistakes pointed I made, or my competing opponents made. However each peace of information took place in the period from 2005 up to 2008. Texas Holdem tournaments are played just the same as other variants of this game, but there are still some specific tips and strategies to know, that you should learn before getting into the game.

The following tips are considered to be helpful and we hope that you will find something useful for your case.

– Play quick high pairs and very strong hands before the flop, which will put more money in the early pot and encourage weak and nonsense hands to fold and bring you to the easy victory and large pot.

– Don’t draw to the low end or both ends of a straight. In case of nine, eight and seven on the flop, you will resist playing J and 10 and neither 6, 5 nor 10, 6.

– Unconnected cards of medium and low level are usually worthless. This concerns suited cards, which can’t flop a straight. Both ends of 9 and 5 straight are in this worthless category too.

– It is better to play low pairs cautiously, in order to be on the safe side (66 down to 22). It is worthier to play on the late positions, when the price is reasonable. If the set was not flopped you should fold to a bet.

– It is better to play aggressively when you have a two-way draw after the flop. It’s worth doing if your hand can make a straight and a flush, or trips and you usually bet or raise after this.

– Bet an ace or two high over-cards after a worthless flop, when the entire flop is unconnected cards of medium and low value. If somebody raises at such a worthless flop, it is better to fold.

– Watch flops of the 6, 7, 8 type, because they can work out a good straight, which will overcome a high pair and other worthy hand.

– Learn all the possible combination of hands. A worthless flop can turn in a cool hand combined with your pocket cards.

– Be warned of bluffing. Learn to understand when your opponent bluffs to make you fold. Remember, if a player seems to be a professional poker player and then suddenly starts to show sad or happy emotions, he or she is bluffing. Trying to be not predictable, you should learn to bluff too, because this will make you winning some extra cash with very bad players.

– Study the opponent for several purposes such as: if the opponent can be bluffed, or if he bluffs himself; is the opponent in a good condition or he is boozed? all this minutest details can bring you to the easy victory.

– When you have a rather weak hand, but still want to play, vary your strategy to confuse your opponents. The next game they will have no idea of your strategy, which helps you winning too.

Use this tips in Holdem tournaments, and who knows you may win.

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