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Texas Hold’em advanced tips

These are great beginner Texas Hold’em Poker tips for successful play of Online Texas Holdem poker.

Phil Hellmuth told us to raise top hands before the flop. This will put more money into the early pot and thin out the field. It will also lead to richer pots when you are the favorite.

Another key technique advised by some of the most profitable online poker sharks is not to draw to the low end of a straight. Next, pit bosses advise that unconnected cards of medium and low level are usually not playable. The author of the “Texas Holdem at ease” book thinks that offsuit unconnected cards are to be mucked.

Chris Ferguson has told us that you must be aggressive with a an open-ended straight draw after the flop. The so-called lucky tip as it is usually quoted is to raise with an Ace or two high over-cards after a blank flop, when the flop is not scary or drawy. If a player raises at such garbage flop, it’s better to fold without contest.

Pro gamblers advise to learn to catch bluffing. Observe them to guess when your opponents make bluffs to try to make you fold. Note that if a person seems to be a shark and then out of the blue starts to have sad or happy feelings, she is probably doing an Hollywood act.

Trying to be unpredictable, you should know to bluff perfectly, since this is necessary if you want to become a strong player. Top bracelet holders have recommended to study your competitor for the following reasons: if the opponent can be forced to fold with no effort, or if he bluffs a lot.

Texas Holdem strategy tips are not just poker alone, but more than that. Because you will spend plenty of time doing it, so it is better to choose the software which fits you ideally. Once you have made your first deposit, you can start playing for real money. You do not have to be too skilled for pleasant and enjoyable poker. Note that some banks do not allow US players to use their credit cards for online poker.

Final tip: join the PokerStars VIP program for outstanding rewards and incentives if you intend on playing a lot of poker.

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