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Garcinia Cambogia High Protein to Lose weight


We, humans, are creatures of routine. As we age, old habits are difficult to eradicate. It is a real challenge to change our eating habits the older we get. But, if you are having a health scare or want to avoid any disease, it is now the right time to shake things up. A high protein diet is a fine start off.

This is a diet to achieve weight loss. Following this will surely boost the feeling of being full after eating or satiety and build lean muscle mass. The sad part is many dieters are just relying on a few primary sources, making the high protein diet a boring thing. It causes exhaustion of the taste buds and denies the body to get all the health-enhancing nutrients present in many protein-rich foods.

There are ways to make your usual dull grilled chicken or tasteless eggs more exciting and tasty. You have the choice to go for dairy and meat-free diet or all fish diet. Whatever is your weight loss diet, you can always add something to make it a wonderful journey instead of a boring routine.

You have a long list of options while trimming your waistline. Read more from a reliable magazine or bookmark a url to get new and better ideas how to make your high protein diet both healthy and flavorful. Losing weight does not only mean you have to suffer big time. Pick the right thing and your weight loss journey will be much easier.

High protein diet plus garcinia is not really the same with the low-crab diet. They are two different things that may yield same outcomes.

But a recent study disputes the earlier claim that high-protein diet is not that effective because it is high in fattening and calories. This was a common perception for some in a long time. But a professor at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, Laura J. Kruskall, Ph.D., R.D. says different. According to her, high protein diet is actually an “effective weight loss tool.” Proteins will likely give you a few more calories than vegetables and fruits.

Protein is not as handy as other kinds of food. Meat, bean, fish and dairy are the best known source of protein. But you cannot easily get or prepare these any time you want. Carbs are easier food to get, which are readily available in any store nearby. It is true that conventional protein sources are not commonly “grab and go.” The problem is, in many occasions, they unhealthy and usually cook fried.

A study conducted by Johns Hopkins University discovered that a diet plan, which is approximately ¼ of the calories coming from lean protein, can reduce blood pressure. It can also lead to lower bad cholesterols. Also, the study concluded that a protein-rich diet can help you avoid diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis.

Protein-rich foods will require your body to work harder and metabolize better. In this kind of process, you burn more calories. These foods also make you feel full and leave your body longer compare to vegetables and fruits. This gives positive outcomes, especially those people who are carefully watching his/her weight.

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Tips how to find the best online casino

If you are a lucky person and want to be a rich in a flash by playing gambling games on the Internet, first find the best online casino to play such games. It is not enough to find a guide where you can decide where to play roulette online such as www.winningrouletteguide.com. You also need to pick the right Internet casino to do so.

Believe me, your dream may or may not come true, but it is crucial to only open an account at a reputable online casino that offer good promotions as well. The games are not child’s play, yet there are not really complex either. Unless you play online poker, but for that you need to play at a poker room. The other games are all much easier. You only need to learn the basics and specific rules of the game you want to play.

After you have learned all the necessary rules and tips and you want to get connected to a game, how do you decide which online casino you will like to open an account at? You have a difficult decision facing you as there are so many casinos to be picked. How to resolve which ones deserve your attention, or say what factors must be on top of your list when selecting a casino online? Ok, here are some of the tips to help you select an online casino.

First, select a casino that is old enough: if it is older, it must be somehow reputable: that goes without saying. Also, an older casino has enough experience to carry your gaming fun to new amazing heights, so play at these safer casinos with faith.

Second analyze the bonuses and promotions that these casino offers to new registered players as well as their regulars, some casinos may offer you drop-dead bonuses that you cannot refuse. Other special perks included are the availability of sport betting or a poker room that will widen your enjoyment.

Third check the payout offered by the on casino in question and only select those casinos offering a payout percentage at least equal to 98%.

Finally study the customer support the casino features and how they treat their customers, as the supporting team comes out not only with an exhaustive FAQ but it should also be available to help you quickly with any type of issue.

Following the above recommendations, you can ensure a playful gambling experience with more fun, thrill and entertainment than anywhere else.

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Pokerstars rakeback

One question that is often seen on poker forums is if pokerstars offer a rakeback program. Is there such a thing as pokerstars rakeback?

And it is not always obvious to find the answer to that question if you do not know where to look. As the Internet can be at time contradicting and by searching on google or bing for example, you may get conflicting answers or even reach pages that do not event attempt to answer the question. Yes search engines are not perfect, far from it.

Bit thank God you can find the answer here: Pokerstars does not offer any form of rakeback and they are en fact completely against any form of rakeback. If they catch an affiliate offering some form of rakeback by sharing his commissions for example, they will close his account. We are not sure why they are so stringent about rakeback, but one theory is that this is related to how they are regulated by the Isle of Man and rakeback might be considered to be forbidden by the regulators.

Fortunately you do not really need pokerstars rakeback because pokerstars offer their own VIP program that acts as a de facto rakeback systems as players get rewarded with gift or cash prizes. This is based on six tiers starting from the Bronze level all the way to Supernova and Supernova Elite, the ultimate VIP status. So this is like an equivalent rakeback system. For the lower tiers the rakeback percent is around 10% but for the higher tiers it can reach 50% or even more.

In fact if you are a super active online poker player, then the best deal on earth is probably to try to reach SuperNova Elite, as this is usually believed to equate a 60% rakeback if not more. Just attaining that level is worth over $100k if you include all various rewards along the way such as milestones bonuses, regular bonuses, VIP freerolls and live tournament entries.

In short the VIP program at rakeback is geared toward low to mid stake active players and no room on the Internet matches the level of benefits you get if you can achieve the top tier. many try, few succeed.

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How to bet on a horse

Below are a few things to be considered before betting in a horse race.

No betting is an easy task. Horse betting has been a great source of entertainment for so many people over so many years. It is neither very easy and nor you need to make it too complex. There are few things that you need to concentrate on, before you go ahead and put a bet on a horse.

The first thing you need to consider is the condition of the track. You need to find out whether the track is wet or dry. You need to do this because, not every hose is good for every track. Some horses fly in wet track and some do great on the dry ones. So ensure that you know all about the condition of the track and which horses perform at the best on a dry or wet track.

Now, as you already know the track condition, your choices should be limited within the horses that have good records in that kind of tracks. Once you have narrowed your options, go with the one that has recently won a competition.

You also need to select a horse that has been consistent with it’s winning. Consider the level of tournament, the quality of opponents and the type of track. Look at it’s weight. Find out is it as same as earlier or has it put on some extra weight? After considering all these things go ahead and put your bet.

Horse betting is a very exciting experience. It is so thrilling to see your horse getting pass the line as the first one. But it is not a very pleasant experience when it does not. So be careful while putting your bet and enjoy the excitement. A little research before betting will certainly improve your results a lot.

Some people push it even further by compiling advanced statistical measurements of past races in order to build a machine learning model of future races. All types of factors are included in such models, like weather conditions, track condition, horse history, recent results and much more. This produces even more precise forecast of which is the best horse to bet on in a given race.

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2011 WSOP Winner Pius Heinz

A few months ago, Pius Heinz was just your regular poker player. In fact, he was even unsure if it was really the right career path for him as he had lost thousands of dollars this year just before he joined the tournament in May. He had planned on going back to college to continue his studies in business psychology if things didn’t work out for him poker-wise.

Pius’ original interest in poker stemmed from watching High Stakes Poker and World Series of Poker on television. He and his friends decided at the time to give it a try and after a couple of weekends playing for petty cash, he realized that it is not about luck but about skill – a skill that can be developed.

He then started playing poker online and it was there that he discovered the sheer number of poker information readily available. He read all that he could and developed his skill and style. It was at online poker rooms where he gained the expertise and the experience needed for him to succeed professionally in poker. As his online tournament winnings exceeded $ 700,000, he made the decision of trying out for the World Series of Poker. He first ranked 7th place in one event and cashed in more than $83,000 in WSOP’s No Limit Hold ’em, the first live tournament he ever participated in.

For the Main Event, he came in on the first day of the competition. The reason for playing so early in the event was that he wanted to go home as soon as he could if he didn’t make it. At the beginning of the game, Pius Heinz proved that he has got what it takes when his gut instincts proved him right.

For 8 days straight, he slowly amassed his chips staring with only 89,550 to 16,425,000 at the end of Day 8. The final table lasted for two days and the fight between the last two men standing lasted around 6 hours. On November 9, he was finally awarded the coveted World Series of Poker bracelet together with the pot money of $ 8,715,638.

He is officially the first player from Germany to ever win in the WSOP Main Event. At 22 years old, he still has a lot to go but for now, he has already been cemented and immortalized in poker history as the reigning poker champion in the world—at least for this year.

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Beating the cheaters

When you are playing high stakes poker, tensions could be running high, and the beads of sweat dot your forehead. It takes patience, a little bit of luck off the flop, and some betting savvy to force your opponents out, or win the pot. But, what do you do when the table is surreptitiously tilted in your opponent’s favor? Is there some sort of scam going on?

Poker cheating is not uncommon. The easiest way to put it is, if you have been playing poker for some time, you have probably run into a cheater. It has been happening ever since the game came to the United States. In poker, the line between deceit (mucking your 2, 3 off suit and telling everyone you had a pair of nines) and cheating is a fine one. Many players have flirted with that line on various occasions. So, how do you identify a person who is cheating at a table, and what do you do about it?

Oddly enough, most people would believe that the common cheater would be the beginner – the players who want to show their skill to the rest of the table. Or, the player who uses sleight of hand to magically have the right cards appear. In reality, much of the cheating is done by more experienced players who understand the advantage of appearing natural and unsuspecting of any cheating going on.

The key to identifying the cheater at the table is to be alert. If you have been playing poker for a while you should be able to identify the signs of cheating, such as illogical betting, increased speed of the game, rapid change of playing style or raises in unusual situations. Whether it is card-flashing, marked cards, culling or stacking a deck, or two players working off each other when betting, a confident and attentive poker player should be able to see what is going on.

So what can you do about it? Use the cheating against the cheaters. If you start to bet illogically because they should know the hand you have, then do the opposite of what you would normally do. That is the greatest position of power for a person who is suspicious of cheating. When you start winning hands, or not falling for traps when you have a pair of kings and the cheater across from you was dealt two aces, you have the upper hand.

You also could try to expose the cheating. This is a touchy situation because often times it is difficult to prove another player has been cheating unless you have insurmountable evidence to that effect. It might work if you are dealing with two players who are crossfire betting, but if the house or the dealer are involved, then you could be asking for trouble.

Leave the game. This is the best option. If you are losing your chips quickly, it is probably a good idea to leave the table anyway. One thing you can do is play the game for a while with the cheaters until you have no doubt in your mind something is going on, and just before you get up, subtly make them aware you knew what they were up to.

Unfortunately, there will never be a way to totally eliminate cheating as long as humans are involved. People are always looking for a way to gain an advantage over others, and many will stop at nothing. They have no respect for that line of deception versus cheating. So, arm yourself with knowledge about the game, and about how people are cheating and you won’t get bit the next time a snake plays at your table.

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How to play Blackjack

The main objective of Blackjack is to gather cards of higher value, however, below 21. Kings, Jacks and Queens as face cards are worth ten points. Besides, aces can be worth either one or eleven points. As for other cards, their number represents their values.

When there is a tie between the house and player, it is usually referred to as a Push. Ten Blackjack and ace on initial 2 cards that is dealt, is a winning.

Read below playing Instructions on how to play blackjack.

To win at Blackjack, a player has to beat the dealer by avoiding busting. Players bust when their cards cross over the 21 mark and they lose automatically. Any player having cards close to 21 is the winner. By adding the card values, you may reach 21, the best score.

Six players sit around a table to play. The dealer shuffles either 6 or 8 card decks. After this, he dealer places them in the shoe, which is the card-dispensing box.

As player of the game, you need to place your wager before you receive any cards. You are then dealt 2 cards. The dealer receives one card face down and one card face up. In turn, every player stands or hits to get one more card in attempting to get close to 21 while avoiding busting. Any player not busting has to wait until the dealer’s turn. The the dealer reveals his down card, when you have finished playing. The dealer has to stand by the compulsorily rules of play if there is a count of 17 or above. Likewise, if the count is 16 or below than that, the dealer needs to draw.

Players win automatically on making a blackjack (21) with their initial two cards namely with the Ace and a face card or a 10. This is known as Blackjack, which offers a prize of 1 and a half times the bet you placed. Otherwise if you have a higher count compared to the dealer, you win an amount equal to your initial bet. As for players who show lower count, they lose their bet. If there is busting by the dealer, all players win. You may try different betting options such as Surrender, Even Money, Insurance, Split and Double Down.

Surrender means you give up playing and only lose half your bet. Early Surrender, here, you may surrender before the dealer actually checks for any Blackjack. Late Surrender, if the dealer confirms having any Blackjack. Even Money involves cashing in a bet as soon as a payout ratio becomes 1:1, if you have natural Blackjack, with the dealer’s card showing Ace. Insurance is a side bet up to half a first bet opposite the dealer, against the dealer having a natural 21. The dealer needs to possess Ace here. Next, if the dealer makes Blackjack having ten faces down, the insurance is at 2-1 odds. Splitting pairs, you split into two, the first 2-card hand for playing them separately. Double Down allows you to only get one more card and double the bet.

Good luck to you with the great game of Blackjack.

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A few poker terms

Draw strength is a measure of how likely it is that your hand will become the winning hand. There are two basic approaches to computing this value. The usual method is to count your outs, and if you are sufficiently sophisticated possibly discount some of them. This generates a value somewhere in the range of [0,52], which can be normalized into a [0,1] value.

For pre flop hand strength, during the pre flop round the usual meaning of hand strength, and draw strength aren’t that useful. Without a board, the possibility of a draw is just that only a possibility. And the strength of your hand is greatly affected by the range of hands that your opponent will play. Issues of domination, implied odds, and position greatly affect how strong a hand is pre flop. Because of this, creating measures of pre flop hand strength has been a topic of great debate. Sklansky and Malmuth have developed the concept of hand groups, and Abdul Jalib created his preflop rankings through simulation.

For all-in equity, if all betting has finished, and no one can fold, this measure represents the fraction of the pot that you will win on average. This value is independent of the size of the pot, and doesn’t take into consideration any future action, bets, or folds. It does consider all draws and redraws. And if you can put your opponent on a range of hands, then you can determine whether calling an all-in raise is correct or not. In some ways, equity can be viewed as a combination of both linear hand strength and draw strength, and it’s usefulness is directly linked to situations where every hand that is the best will be shown down, and every possible draw will be drawn to.

Expected value is a well-known poker term. This is the Holy Grail of hand measures. Given a game context, the expected value (EV) of specific action represents the average profit or loss over all possible scenarios. Everything you know about a context can be used as input for this measure. Because of this, it is almost impossible to compute with absolute accuracy. But the more information that you can integrate into an estimate of EV, the more precise that measure will be. In some limited situations, very good estimates of EV can be constructed. But with a nearly boundless amount of information (including general experience, specific opponent information, and external meta-game issues) it’s impossible to create a practical definition of EV for all cases. So, just as the Holy Grail will never be found, no computation can ever give you the true EV of a situation.

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Bingo Wonga – Simply The Best For Free Online Slots

Bingo Wonga is a new breed of online bingo review sites that also includes the games from popular online bingo sites.

Bingo Wonga also have a great range of the latest online slot machines such as Tomb Raider, Spiderman , Call of Duty 4, Monty’s Millions, Da Vinci Diamonds plus many others. As well as free online slots, they also have free online Keno, roulette and even blackjack.

Bingo Wonga only promote the very best online bingo sites that have set high standards in regards to great support, fast and easy cash outs and quality game play.

In real terms they have simply “cherry picked” the very best online bingo sites such as Virgin Bingo. They realise that online bingo players seek out value for every pound they deposit plus require outstanding promotions. Better still Bingo Wonga has dozens of the games from each online bingo site that you can play completely free before you even think about signing up. We find it refreshing that they simply don’t list every online bingo site preferring to only promote the very best brands.

Perhaps the best aspect of Bingo Wonga is simply their great range of free games. All games are completely free without any restrictions or time limits. If you are contemplating signing up to an online bingo site then Bingo Wonga should be your first port of call.

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Poker characters

While sitting around a poker table no matter if it’s a friendly game at a acquaintance’s house, a Texas Hold’em tournament in a casino, or just a table at any old online gambling website there are always the same characters sitting at the table. Those of you who are frequent poker players know what this means.

Characterizing a player is somewhat important because most “characters” play alike. If you beat them once you can win them again. While joining a table of players you have never met before it is helpful to get a quick three or four hand read on who and what kind of characters there are. 3 – 4 hands is enough to pick on the “tells” the players unknowingly give away while playing.

Some of the characters you will meet are for example the sunglasses or cap wearing “pro’s” or advanced players, tight and conservative players, the long- pause thinkers, aggressive and loose players who are regularly loud and rude.

The long- pause thinkers, the women who play poker are “characters” and believe it or not, but most women who play poker should not be underestimated and don’t let their acting fool you. An inexperienced looser is characterized by thinking he is always getting bluffed so try not to bluff them because they will call you with a pair. Not trying to discriminate but ethnicity also plays a part on characterizing.

Be warned, don’t mess with the cocky on-a-roll players. When winning a big hand after hand, you should fold until they loose the wind from beneath their wings because luck sometimes comes in consecutive hands. Pre-flop raisers are most annoying but relax they mostly just try to steal the pot and there is always a pre-flop raiser at the poker table. Try to accept them with open hands because they are the players that make the pot interesting. The rare pre-flop raisers have a high pair or high suit cards. Most characterizing is done by looking at a player’s body language, speech patters and betting/ chip handling manners.

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